قصة قصيرة معبرة عن الحياة والحكمة المستفادة منها

Here, dear reader, in the following paragraphs, is the most beautiful short story expressive of life. To the present day, the aim is to learn the lesson and wisdom, and to derive lofty meanings, and many people prefer to share those stories with others in gatherings, and the teachers throw these stories to students to instill beautiful values ​​in them, and for this we will show you through the following encyclopedia paragraphs a distinguished group Of the short stories that contain exhortation and lesson, follow us.

Short story expressive of life touching short stories

One day, there was a sheikh teaching a group of students, and the sheikh wanted to teach them an important lesson, so he brought four apples, and gave each student an apple, and asked them to go and eat that apple far away in a place where no one sees them, and indeed everyone did He demanded to take his apple, and they left, and after a lot of time had passed, the students came to their sheikh, and he asked them about the apples he ordered them to eat without anyone seeing them.

The first student replied, “I walked a lot until I reached the desert, and made sure that there was no one around me, then I ate the apple.” The second student said, “As for me, I went into my room and closed the door well, and made sure that there was no one in the room but me and I ate the apple), the third student replied, saying (and I boarded the boat, and sailed it until I reached the middle of the sea, and after making sure that I was the only one in the place, I ate the apple), and the fourth student stood looking at his sheikh and looking at the rest of the students, then extended His hand was to the Sheikh and the apple was in the place without being eaten, so the Sheikh asked him (Why did you not eat the apple as I commanded you?), The fourth student replied, saying (I went everywhere, I went to the desert, sailed in the water, and closed all the doors, but I am in Everywhere I knew that God saw me, I could not eat it.

Wisdom learned from the story

The believer must sense the presence of God in every place. Glory be to Him, the Most High, is aware of His servants at all times and when, and is aware of their intentions and what is in their hearts, and this beautiful value must be inculcated in the hearts of children from a young age, so that they know that God is with us and is aware of our actions.

Stories about worldly life

One day, there was a man walking in the forest and enjoying the beautiful scenery around him, then he heard a roaring sound from behind him, and he saw a lion standing behind him, then the lion suddenly ran to pounce on the man and eat him, but the man ran quickly in an attempt to escape from the lion, At that moment, he saw a well in front of him, so he jumped into this well, then grabbed the rope with which the water is drawn, and got stuck in this rope, so the man was hanging in the well holding on to the rope, and the lion was waiting for him outside the well, then the man heard a hissing sound, so he looked down to see a snake He felt fear and panic, so how could he get rid of the lion from above, and the snake from below.

Then the man saw two mice nipping at the rope that was attached to him, so the man tried to keep the mice away so that it would not fall on the snake, but at that moment he found a beehive on the walls of the well, so he extended his hand and took a little honey and tasted it, and found it sweet, so the man started eating from honey So greedily that the lion forgot, the snake forgot, the rope, and the two mice forgot, then the man woke up to find that he was dreaming, and the next day he went to a dream interpreter to explain to him the interpretation of his vision.

When the interpreter heard that vision, he said to him (The lion who was running after you in a dream symbolizes Azrael, the king of death, and the snake that was found in the well symbolizes the grave, and the rope in the well to which you were attached focuses on life, as for the two mice, they refer to The night and the day that follow and reduce your life every day. As for honey, it symbolizes the life of this world, which tasted its sweetness, and made you forget that your life is passing day after day, and made you forget the afterlife, the grave and the reckoning.

Wisdom learned from the story

The events of the world make one forget that there is an afterlife, a reckoning, and a grave awaiting him, so do not make the distractions of this world forget what awaits you in the hereafter. Whoever forgets God and forgets the afterlife, he has been disappointed and lost.

Stories about the arrogance of the world

A boy went to his father one day, and said to him, Father, there is a girl I want to marry, and I want you to come with me so that we can go to her and ask for her hand. The father agreed and went with his son to see that girl and talk to her, and then the father saw a girl of great beauty, He said to his son, My son, that girl is very beautiful, and she needs a man with a great deal of responsibility, and you are not suitable for her, so I marry her because I am worthy of her. The officer judges between them, and they tell him that story in full. The officer asked to bring the girl to ask her about her opinion on the person she wants to marry, and whether she wants the father or the son.

And when the girl came and the officer saw her, he marveled at her beauty, and said that she is a girl of great rank, and it is not suitable for anyone to marry her except an officer, and he asked to marry her, so the father and son quarrel with him, and they all went with the officer to the minister, and they told him the whole story, and when the minister saw her, He said that this girl would not marry anyone other than me, and he asked for her hand in marriage, so they all quarreled again, and at that moment they decided to go to the ruler of the country so that he would judge between them justly.

The father, the son, the officer, the minister, and the girl went to the governor, and when he heard the story and saw the girl, he replied saying (that girl deserves to be a princess, and she should marry a prince like her, so I will marry her), and they quarrel together again, until the girl replied saying (I I have the solution, I will run, and you all run after me, and whoever follows me and catches me, he who deserves me and will marry me), and indeed the girl ran, and the son, father, officer, minister, and prince ran after her, and suddenly they all fell into a big hole.

The girl turned to them, saying, “Do you now know who I am? I am the world. You all run behind me, forgetting yourselves, and you do not know that your end will be in the grave, and that I am ephemeral and will not remain for anyone.”

Wisdom learned from the story

The world distracts us with its events, and makes us aspire to reach the highest positions, raise money, and compete with others, so that we forget the afterlife, and that there is an account awaiting us, no matter how long a person lives, and no matter how much he reaches the highest position, he knows that his end will be in the grave, and that the world will not last for him.

touching stories

There was a beautiful girl who would go out every day after sunrise to sit on the lake, and meditate on the beautiful landscape, and watch the birds and trees around her, and she was looking at the clear water that reflected her image, and still contemplating her image on the water, and then began to comb her hair as she sings in a voice Sweet and beautiful.

One day, she took her brother with her to the lake, and while she was sitting combing her hair and looking at her reflected image on the water and singing in a sweet voice, her brother threw a stone into the lake, where the water began to ripple, until the image of the reflected girl became blurred, so she became very angry to do her brother, and she began to put her hand in the water to try to stabilize those waves so that they would return as they were before, but the more she put her hand, the more turbulent the waters became, the more she became angry and angry.

An old man passed by her while she was crying and asked her why she was crying out loud, and why she put her hand in the water while she was trying to catch the waves. I will do it, the man replied, saying (Leave the water alone until it calms down and settles).

Wisdom learned from the story

There are many things in our lives that require wisdom and calmness in acting, and patience in waiting for the desired result. Haste, anger and lack of thought may exacerbate the problem without solving it.

Short stories expressing hope

There was a mosque imam who would pray with people on Fridays, then he would go out with his son after each prayer, and he would distribute religious books to people, inviting them to worship the One God on Sunday, and to sense his closeness. This imam adhered to that custom with the son who has not yet reached the age of one. Ten years ago, one night, it rained, and snow began to fall from the sky, and it was very cold, so the father looked out the window and said to his son (it is cold today, so we will not go out and we will not distribute books to people this week), but the son refused, and said To his father (Dad, no matter how cold the weather is, but we must go out and present these religious books to the people), the father felt tired and exhausted and said to his son, “If you go out alone, and distribute the books yourself, but I will lie down at home today to get some warmth and comfort.” .

Indeed, the son wore a lot of heavy clothes to protect him from the cold weather, and began to pass the streets and distribute books to people, and at the end of the day there was only one book left in his bag, but he did not see anyone on the street, so it was empty of pedestrians, the boy kept passing through the streets a lot, Until he saw a house in front of him, he decided to knock on the door of this house and give the book to its owner.

The boy went and knocked on the door, but no one opened, so he waited a minute and then knocked again, and this time a woman opened the door for him, and she was crying, so the boy smiled at her and said, “Good evening, madam, I came to present you this book, and I tell you God is with us at all times and times, and He is aware of what is in our hearts), so the young man gave her the book and then left.

On the following Friday, after the imam finished the prayer, a woman came up among the people crying and saying that she wanted to tell them her stories, and she said last Friday, I did not embrace the religion of Islam, and I was suffering from despair and loss of hope, and I decided to commit suicide and end my life. Upstairs, I hung the rope from the ceiling, put the chair under it, and decided to hang myself to commit suicide.

At that moment the door knocked, but I decided not to answer anyone, but knocked on the door again, as if someone was determined to meet me, so I got off the chair, and opened the door, to see this little boy sitting in the first row, extending his hand to me and giving me this The little book, so I took the book from him and entered my house, then I started reading, and I knew that God had sent this boy to me to get me out of darkness and despair, to the light of faith and hope, then I announced that I believe in God and his destiny, so the sheikh came down from the pulpit, and embraced his son while crying proud of him.

Wisdom learned from the story

There may be some simple deeds in your opinion, which you see as not making a big difference between people, but this is not true, no matter how simple the good deeds and good deeds are, they may be the reason for someone else’s survival.

Stories about hope and despair

There was a father who had five daughters, and his wife was dead, and his daughters had grown up, and four men proposed to marry them, so the older girl refused to marry, and said that she would not marry and leave her father without anyone taking care of him, so the father married the four daughters, and the eldest remained with him in the same house She takes care of him, until the father died, and after his death they gathered together to open the will, and they found that their father had written in it (Do not sell this house, until your older sister gets married), but the girls were very angry about that will, and they resolved to sell the house, so that you take Each of them has her right to it, and they did not think about her older sister, and that she would stay after they sold the house, because she did not own a house for her and did not marry, but the girls remained silent on this decision.

Indeed, they sold this house to a wealthy man, and each of them took her share of the money, and went to her house with her husband happy, so the old girl called the man who bought the house, and told him her story, and he said to him (I want to ask you for a request, which is that you leave me in this house for a few days till I seek shelter, and I promise that when I find it I will leave at once until you come and take over your house), the man replied that she had no need to worry, and she could stay as she wanted.

A month later, the girl came to a call from the owner of the house, and she felt nervous, and worried that he would ask her to leave the house, but when she replied, the man told her that there was an answer from the court that would reach her shortly, as the ownership of the house was transferred from the man to her, and that she wrote The house is in her name, and he said to her (As for the house, I will give it as a dowry to you, if you wish and agree to be my wife, I will be grateful to you. wife), at that moment the girl cried a lot, after she knew that God would never waste her reward.

Lessons learned from the story

God does not waste the reward of the one who does the best work, and whoever does the best in treating his family and honors them and treats them in a good manner, God will grant him good as a reward for what he did. The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said in his honorable hadith:

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