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A beautiful and short introduction The article has been updated and new distinctive introductions have been added. The short introduction is always the most beautiful and best in the topic of expression, because it adds the main idea of ​​the topic, and saves the reader a lot of time while reading the topic, as often the teacher gets bored of long introductions.

It is preferable that the introduction be written short in order to enter into the presentation of the topic directly, and through this article we offer you some introductions that benefit the student when writing an essay topic, and save him a lot of time that he would have taken when writing an introduction of his ideas.

There are a set of instructions that must be followed when writing the introduction, most notably avoiding detail and verbiage in order to avoid boredom and because this method is written in the body of the topic and not in the introduction, in addition to stimulating the reader by presenting the general idea of ​​the topic and the purpose of its presentation, as well as the use of clear words far from ambiguity and complexity. .

In addition to familiarity with grammar and good knowledge of the aspects of the topic in question, in an encyclopedia you can see several short introductions to scientific research and topics of expression.

Nice short introduction

Through these next lines, we will show you a set of introductions that the student can add to the topic of expression, without taking much time or effort, as all the student has to do is to transfer this introduction directly into the paper and then write a topic Express well, and these introductions can be added at the beginning of any of the different fields of expression, and among the best of those introductions, which we brought to you in the most beautiful of them are the following:

first introduction

Now among the cool breezes of fresh air, and from beneath the veil of knowledge, and the veil of knowledge, I offer you the most beautiful peace from me, which smells of fragrant roses, to one of the most precious jewels, and from the precious hidden pearls, who are my virtuous teachers, and my teachers who have always perished and sacrificed from Yes, for us, who will read this special subject, which I will start writing with, which is the subject of (…..).

Short Introduction Second Introduction

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, who gave me the mind that I think about, who enlightened my mind, who facilitated my affairs and my way, and who filled all my time with useful works, and I praise Him, Glory be to Him, and thank Him for all His blessings, both apparent and inward. Which is the greatest of people, and the seal of the prophets and messengers, and as for what follows..

Today, I ask God, who is no god but He, for help and assistance, so that I can pick out for you a group of distinguished words related to this subject, which I will go into about in the coming lines, hoping that these words will gain admiration for my uncles and professors Honorable people, and our topic today is (..) and it has a great impact on societies and has a great relationship behind the development and advancement of peoples, and therefore I will add to you my humble opinion through these upcoming lines.

A short research introduction .. the third introduction

I do not know where to start writing about this topic, and I know that it is an important topic for us, as my small opinion that I will express through this topic does not meet the right of this topic, which was talked about by many before me, but I promise you that I will try I strive to give this topic its due, and to arrange my thoughts on this topic and add them to you, and I will hold the pen and hope that it will help me in writing and our topic is…..

Short creation introduction..fourth introduction

Among the beautiful words I chose, and among the letters I crossed, and among the most beautiful thoughts in my mind I thought, and among the most beautiful feelings revolving in my heart, I felt, in order to dedicate this large collection to you, which I will wrap to you in a set of golden papers, which I will decorate for you In the most beautiful letters of our Arabic language, so that I can write in this important field, and I know all knowledge, that this topic cannot be expressed in the entirety of the treasures of the world or in all words or letters of the language, and that is because of its extreme importance, and I will talk to you about the topic (…) and I know how important it is For you as well, and I pray to God to help me express it.

Short research introduction

Methods for writing an introduction to the beginning of an explanation of a lesson, whether short or long, commensurate with all types of lessons that can be researched and studied in various disciplines, whether related to a scientific or religious lesson or any of the other types that may be related to nature. These introductions are not without any lesson that can be done Assign students to write it.

The cases in which these introductions are required to be written do not depend on the student only, but are also imposed on the teachers in the case of preparing what will be explained to the students from the lessons, and therefore we will present in the following article through an encyclopedia a variety and distinctive set of introductions with an explanation of their importance in relation to the beginning lessons by

first introduction

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and in Him we seek help, and upon Him we rely. May God’s peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and all his companions. After that, in this research, I will present to you one of the most important issues of concern to all groups of society, men and women, young and old, and it is the issue (name of the issue), and in it I will also try All my efforts to present to you a comprehensive and integrated presentation of it in an objective and logical manner, and before we move on to the first chapter of it, I pray to God to grant me success and gain your admiration.

second introduction

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and praise be to God first and foremost. After long months of research, research and investigation on “the topic name,” I decided to address it in this research in order to spread the benefit to all. This topic has always become one of the most important topics that occupied public opinion in recent times, and I have devoted it I made all my efforts and was keen to present the most important information, praying to God that I had been blessed with payment and success in presenting it.

The third introduction

Praise be to God for those who gave us knowledge, guidance and wisdom, and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions. It cannot be denied how important the “name of the topic” is and the extent of its impact on society as a whole. From a scientific, social and religious perspective, I will present to you the extent of the impact of this topic on various groups in society, and I would like to thank Professor “..” who helped me in presenting this research.

Fourth introduction

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and praise be to God, whose grace is good, who has enabled me to deal with this issue. Although the topic of this research is “..” researchers have been dealing with since ancient times, but I wanted to present it with a different and new perspective in order to understand the extent of its danger to society, I have collected for you in this research the most prominent scientific studies that have been published recently about it and collecting all the information about it in order to reach effective solutions for it and for the students to benefit from it and as a reference for them.

Sample introductions to the topic of the first introduction expression

It is no secret to everyone that the issue that I will talk about in this topic is one of the most important topics of interest to the youth group and is vitally related to their future, and in it I will do everything in my power to succeed in putting it forward, as I have been keen to translate everything that comes to my mind through the ideas that I will list to you in a sequence I am regular in order to introduce you to the positive and negative aspects of this issue.

second introduction

It is not possible to deny the importance of the topic that I will present to you, which is “..” and because of its great impact on all segments of society, had it not been for the lack of time, I would have gone into it in detail in order to present it to you in a comprehensive and adequate way, but I was keen to present the most important ideas that present the topic from all its angles, And I wish God’s payment and success in putting it forward and that it will gain your admiration.

The third introduction

I am well aware that the topic that I will talk about, which is “..” is of great importance to the whole world and not only to our society, and in it I will leave the pen to express all my ideas that I will present to you, offering a comprehensive and objective view of it to highlight its importance, as I will address the causes and factors of this phenomenon in order to reach for effective solutions.

Fourth introduction

At the outset, I will seek to brief you on this topic, although it cannot be absorbed in a few pages because of its great importance to society in all its categories, and my belief in its importance to enhance society’s awareness. Wishing God success in his presentation.

Fifth introduction

Because the pen is the means by which I can express my thoughts, in it I will unleash it to present the subject, which is “..” Its emergence factors and effective solutions.

Introduction to the beginning of the explanation of the lesson

There are some rules and matters that must be adhered to and not violated when writing the introductions to the lessons. Perhaps the most important of them is the necessity of selecting terms and brief words, but at the time expressive and clear what the student wants to express and say in the lesson, which plays an important role with regard to the reader’s completion of reading the lesson and seeing it Or stop reading it.

In most cases, the teacher prefers to begin the lesson before proceeding to explain it, which is undoubtedly correct. Before beginning the explanation, he gives the students an introduction that represents a quick and brief clarification of the ideas that he will address related to the explanation of that lesson, and these are examples of these introductions.

Introduction models for a history lesson Introduction an explanation of a history lesson

  • Whoever does not have a past will not have a present, as history always represents the past of people, as it is replete with important and great events and heroisms carried out by those who preceded us from the ancestors and ancestors to live and live in this day in peace, which makes these events in different times occupy a great deal of study and research, which It is one of the most important lessons ever, and our next lesson will be titled (…).

Introduction to history

  • To all those interested in studying history and its events and researching its ways and depths, we present to you the next lesson that focuses on studying the beginnings of humanity from its inception to the present day. Experiences and lessons that affected their decisions in crises and wars, and this is what we will discuss in detail in the next lesson, which is entitled (…).

Introduction to the history lesson

  • The greatness of all nations is measured by their upbringing and the heritage they possess, and that is what is said about history, which represents a diwan through which the past is preserved and also allows the possibility of returning to it in order to benefit from it and the experiences reached by its greats at the time we desire or need it.
  • Historical studies also contribute to anticipating the course of the future and the ability to manage the course of events and the reins of affairs by making use of the experiences and mistakes they have experienced in order to avoid making them again. Here is the next historical lesson entitled (…).

For more, you can follow:-

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Short introduction and conclusion

Finally, we have mentioned a different and distinct set of introductions that are suitable to choose from for any type of lessons that are discussed and presented to students during the school day, which allow them to understand the lesson in a more clear manner, as it represents a prelude to the ideas and phrases that will be presented to them. That what has been mentioned in our article received your information.


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