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The perfect way to manage a virtual class? Class management is one of the basic skills that every teacher must possess, as it helps classify teachers according to their ability to manage classes. One of the skills and advantages of being able to manage a virtual classroom perfectly makes him a distinguished teacher who is able to help students access information, so through the reference site we will show you the best way to manage a virtual classroom.

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The virtual class is called the electronic class or the global network of information class, or what is known as the virtual class. It is a learning environment that takes place directly or indirectly, completely dependent on the web and requires download and installation programs, and the student can share what is learned directly It facilitates the transmission of educational experiences through its sharing between the teacher, student and students among themselves using a personal computer or smart device, and also contributes to strengthening the quality and effectiveness of education. The virtual classroom is easy to use because it provides individual and group education and continuous response and follow-up. Low cost because it does not need to provide all the conditions for the traditional class. It requires needs that are available today for any student. Those who do not own a computer may have a smart device, and this makes it easier for students to record the lesson and re-watch it, as well as generates the ability to search using the Internet.[1]

The perfect way to manage a virtual class?

In light of these current conditions and the conditions that the world is going through due to the Corona virus, the world has become dependent on distance education, which opened the way for teachers and students to learn and teach outside their classrooms through the Internet, where technological tools are used that facilitate and support the education process, but in This case requires the teacher to have experience in this field, as he needs to focus on education instead of focusing on technology, so the teacher needs to provide an interactive and participatory environment that helps him teach students through the available conditions, and so that he can manage a virtual classroom in an ideal and exemplary manner that needs to Some of the ways that enables him to do so, and the following are the most prominent ways that make the teacher ideally manage a virtual class:

Create a page in the default Google class

The teacher bears great responsibility for the success of distance learning, as he bears the great responsibility in managing the virtual classroom. Their duties, whether individually or collectively, are presented to the teacher, and then the teacher gives special comments on them, which enables the students to communicate with each other in an effective and successful manner. It has helped to enhance the spirit of cooperation and participation among students in the virtual classroom.[2]

Zoom educational platform

The Zoom platform is one of the communication platforms between individuals. It is done via video, screen sharing, or voice chat. It is one of the video calls applications on Android or iPhone systems. I can download the zoom plugin from the site and start the video call on the platform using any device. This platform can To gather more than a hundred users without affecting the quality of the service, as it is characterized by HD accuracy in videos and audio, and provides attendance service as a viewer only, enabling the user to call and share video, and also can meet with students through the following steps:[3]

  • Enter the Zoom website “from here”.
  • Press (sign up) to create a new account when no account is available on the platform.
  • Enter the date of birth and write the email, then press (sign up).
  • The platform sends an e-mail to the e-mail and requires confirmation of identity, where the mail must be opened and click (activate account). If the registration is for the educational process, the answer to the question is (yes) and then choose (continue).
  • Fill out personal information such as job rank, user name, and e-mail, then agree to the terms of the platform.
  • Enter the user’s password, then confirm it by pressing (continue).
  • Through the previous steps, the teacher can invite all students to the meeting through e-mail, or skip that step with the contract and its event at any time, the user presses (host) and shares (ID) for the people he wants or sends an invitation to the e-mail.

My school platform

The Madrasati platform is an educational platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through which the study is completed remotely, and it is linked with the Microsoft website to work on providing and providing all study services, as it provides the lessons service with video communication technology remotely through Microsoft Teams, as it works to provide many Of the services such as tests, assignments and the academic schedule service, in addition to students’ communication with each other and their communication with the educational staff. The main page of the Madrasati platform contains three elements: the main menu, which is located in the right part of the screen. If you want to access some educational elements and tools, you can Access to it through it, as for the second element, which is the statistics, which provides statistics on the percentage of the student’s progress in tests and assignments and work on evaluating his academic level. As for the calendar, which is the last element that shows the academic calendar and includes events and events as well as exam dates, and it is possible to access the home page of the account Microsoft in my school platform by the student as follows:[4]

  • Log in to my school platform “from here”.
  • Click on Sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • Enter the username, then press the Next button.
  • Enter the password and then click on login.

Create a website to communicate and view lessons

A website in Google that enables students to communicate with each other in an effective manner. It makes it easy for students to create and publish a website for the teacher’s virtual class as well, which helps them share various information among themselves and in addition to sharing it with their parents. The website also includes lessons and papers Work, videos, and many educational materials, and students’ work can also be shared, and it also provides them with benefiting from (google drive) services available through the site.[5]

Google Drive Services

Google offers many services that are given free of charge to all users, they may be used through a personal computer or through a smart device, where it stores files and documents and edits them through the Internet without any effort, it facilitated all the difficulties that the user can face in storing and sharing files with Others, by clicking on one button only, you can save the images or files, where the documents are shared through the Google Drive service by entering the file to be shared and then clicking on the share button, and then entering the email address of the person to whom it is addressed, and it can also be shared with more than Person, which is an important feature, and it also has many advantages. When sharing, the amount of access to the file can be determined, where it is possible to add, edit, make some comments and resend them. To get the Google Drive application on the PC or smartphone, the user must do the following steps:[6]

  • Access to (Google play) or (Play store) from your phone or PC.
  • Type google drive into the search bar.
  • Download the application to your phone.
  • Log in to the application and then register with it through the Google email you own.
  • Work on the application, save documents, and enjoy all the advantages it offers.

Software and applications provided by google drive

Use distinct programs and websites to view lessons

Distinguished programs and sites are used to display lessons to help communicate information to the student, as creating and sharing presentations through Google facilitates educational materials and the way they are presented to the student, making the educational material understandable and clear, and it also includes animations, videos and many services that transform the educational material From a silent material to a material full of life and attractive to students, because it makes it easier for the student to understand and desire to learn, in addition to that he can modify the presentation at the same time with the ability to see the new modification.[2]

It has a feature for online presentations called PowerPoint Live

Using documents with the ability to edit and share them

Creating and modifying the document through Google helps in preparing educational material and the ability to send it to students, it enhances the spirit of teamwork, and facilitates the creation of a study plan with the ability to share the document in the same place and print it, which facilitates sharing the document with many students at the same time regardless of the type of device Who uses it, it can also be shared by modern mobile phones and downloaded easily.[5]

distance learning laws

Teacher tips for successful distance learning

Due to the conditions of Corona, most of the world is currently dependent on distance learning, schools have closed and students continue to teach them from their homes, and this may continue for a longer period until the end of the pandemic, so the teacher must adapt and raise the level of education and provide the best learning for his students in the best way, given the Therefore, the teacher should pay attention to some tips that help the success of the distance learning process:[7]

  • Not forcing the teacher to repeat a typical and ideal school day: it is unpredictable for students to experience distance learning and it changes from time to time, and it is not possible to know the ideal way to spend time with students through video calls, it is completely different from distance learning The school day in traditional education.
  • Work on allocating less time on computer screens: many students do not have the capabilities and digital devices at home, to be able to access the Internet to communicate with the teacher, and this must be taken into consideration, so students should not be exposed to the computer screen or mobile phone for a long time so as not to affect It is on their health.
  • Do not neglect professional development: as many teachers do not have the ability to adapt to the method of teaching and new methods of effective communication with students, so that the educational process continues, so many of them cannot deal with new technological tools, and this issue can be resolved by creating a group For teachers on the Internet, it enables them to communicate, learn, exchange knowledge and tips with each other about technology, and they can use video chats and share teachers’ experiences among themselves, which reflects on students’ benefit effectively.
  • Not assuming that something is impossible: everything can be tried and applied to develop and support the educational process, teachers must cooperate with each other to reach the desired goal, and creative ideas such as video chats can be used to communicate with students who need to learn additionally and contribute to their strengthening.
  • Dealing with distance education requires calm and slowness for the benefit of all: distance education can never happen as education develops in its usual form, so the teacher must develop a plan to develop students’ abilities, as some students may need to repeat one lesson more than Once, but which makes it easier for them to get used to distance learning and ease of use of technology and software later on.
  • Maintaining a specific approach: The same approach must be maintained in teaching regardless of the subject or the teacher and the student. A student who has seven lessons or study subjects can obtain information. When the teacher is given the opportunity to develop individual plans, each teacher uses his own curriculum, which leads This leads to student dispersion and creating an atmosphere of chaos and confusion.

A topic about distance education, pros and cons

With this amount of information, we have come to the end of this article in which we have completed the information on the best way to manage a virtual class?, by creating a page in the virtual Google class, and then creating a website that facilitates communication and presentation of lessons between the teacher and his students, and the teacher can also provide offers An introduction that serves the learning process, and some tips that help the learner when converting traditional learning or what is known as classroom learning in schools to distance learning were discussed.


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