كيف تصبح مليونير من الصفر بالحلال

في نهاية مقالنا كيف تصبح مليونير من الصفر بالحلال ,رضت أفكار تجاه هذا الموضوع بكلمات من ذهب، حيث استعنت باللغة العربية التي تتضمن العديد من العبارات والمفردات الناجزة، مما لا شك فيه أن هذا الموضوع من أهم وأفضل الموضوعات التي يمكن أن أتحدث عنها اليوم، حيث أنه موضوع شيق ويتناول نقاط حيوية، تخص كل فرد في المجتمع، وأتمنى من الله عز وجل أن يوفقني في عرض جميع النقاط والعناصر التي تتعلق بهذا الموضوع.

How to become a millionaire from scratch with halal?

Some may claim that the idea of ​​making oneself a millionaire is a fantasy, or that it is dreams and wishes that have nothing to do with reality, and can not be fulfilled in any way.

However, we find reality invalidating their claim, as there are many real examples that have already taken place on the ground, moving from zero to becoming rich and glory makers, so it is not impossible.

So, the idea of ​​an individual’s transition from poverty to wealth is realistic, so the question here remains, how do such people achieve this transition? Or what are the means available to them for the possibility of this upward movement? Are there certain opportunities in front of them that others do not have? Or does it depend on their talents and abilities? Or is it just a coincidence?

Therefore, we resolved to answer these questions in order to complete the answer in all its aspects, but the question of how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal remains unanswered as long as we do not address the second part of the question, which means undermining the answer in itself.

Since the means of achieving wealth and millions are multiple, and perhaps the result is the same for all of them, which is the desired wealth, but if we differentiate between the means that are permissible and that are not permissible according to Sharia and law, we will come to a specific answer that deals with the legitimate means only in achieving wealth, which is basically the best and most in line with normal values. and creed.

self-made person

In connection with the content of the answer to how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, let us exclude from our topic the idea of ​​acquiring wealth by luck and charity, as was the case in the old days with the papers Ya Nassib and others.

This is because chance may make a person turn from poor to a millionaire, but it does not make him great or a glory maker, just because he did not seek, but fate came to be his ally to offer him wealth without looking for it.

Just as he who became a hereditary millionaire, neither of them followed the means and ways to achieve wealth, nor did he make effort or feel hardship, and therefore we find that neither of them will ever feel the ecstasy of glory or the sweetness of reaching.

Therefore, we shed light on the one who decided to rebel against the painful reality, refused to accept being poor, set goals for himself and pursued them, and proceeded to achieve them with established and specific plans with determination and determination, which is what we call a self-made person.

Set your priorities

Before you know the ways and means of how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, we point out that in order to set the goal, you must first ask yourself why you want wealth. Is it just because you are rich that you have achieved an achievement? Or your desire to live a luxurious life like the famous rich? Or do you just want to get rid of poverty?

There are many motives behind the need for wealth and abundant money, and perhaps all of them are available to one person. Money is the fuel that enables you to live in a material life with everything you need in it, but you must combine this motive with achieving it with the permissible, permissible, and undisputed means that God Almighty helps you. And may He be exalted over using it, so that you will be happy spiritually as well, not just materially.

In any case, once the reason is clear, the goal becomes clear, and being clear leads to clarity and simplicity in knowing the means that enable you to reach it, in addition to the possibility of choosing from the alternatives available to you in line with your motive for wealth.

In addition to the necessity of specifying the length of time that you desire in order to reach a million or more, and this does not contradict your belief in the unseen and the different circumstances and possibilities, for God provides for whom He wills without account.

But defining the period is part of developing the necessary plan to proceed according to it, so that things do not become random in front of you. The required task, if a certain period for its completion is not specified, can be accompanied by laxity and complacency, and even procrastination sometimes. Yourself in a specific time to complete it so as not to lose the determination, determination and self-challenge.

make up your mind

What if you decide to get your first million in the next five years? You alone make your decision and only you are able to know and determine your available capabilities and personal capabilities that qualify you to do a certain thing in a certain period of time.

This is what makes us assert that the success stories of others cannot be applied as they are, in the end it depends on personal differences. its success.

With reference to the need not to deviate from the ceiling of ambitions, and what is meant here is not to make a difficult decision and resolve to achieve it and accordingly deviate from the permissible means to use others such as taboo, which in turn makes a lot of money as well. There is a law inherent in human nature that makes the individual prefer easy ways without concern What is halal or haram.

Therefore, by talking about the answer to the question of how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, we must focus on halal means of creating wealth.

Income appropriate for the amount of effort expended

That is, you should know what is the correct amount of salary that you should receive as a result of the work you do. You should not compromise and accept what is less than your effort, because this does not make the material and social situation improve for the better, nor does it allow saving.

The possibility of increasing your money with halal

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “There is no day in which the worshipers wake up, but two angels descend, and one of them says: O God, give the one who spends a back, and the other one says: The most virtuous of you.”

You have to realize that everything that God has given you of riches is from His grace, the Almighty, He is the one who facilitated the ways for you to cut, and He is the one who gave you patience and determination to seek the pursuit, so you should not forget the grace of God.

Therefore, the first step that you should keep in mind when answering the question of how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal is to spend from what God has given you to his poor and needy servants.

Some may wonder what the spending is like when we advised on saving before that? But the matter does not require confusion or questioning, you are saving in order to actually increase your money and you are giving alms in order to increase the blessing in this money in addition to the desire to obtain the approval of God Almighty.

The importance of giving charity for the sake of God Almighty

Didn’t you want to become a millionaire just with your money? You should also strive to be a millionaire in good deeds, for God Almighty said: “You will not attain righteousness until you spend of what you love ۚ And whatever you spend of anything, it is God’s life” (verse 92).

Therefore, the desire for halal wealth is not complete without its association with almsgiving, which would also undermine the transformation of saving into stinginess and miserliness, and this is what we find among some wealthy people who lack the manifestations of luxury once they reach the stage of extreme concern for their money.

Let’s make it a habit, then, whenever you are able to meet your basic needs, and then start the process of saving, you must not forget the poor’s share of your money in order to have an increase in the abundance of livelihood.

We conclude our statement in this regard with the words of God Almighty:

“Who is he who will lend to God a good loan and then multiply it to him many times over, and God will receive and restore to him” (Al-Baqarah and Al-Baqarah 24)

Follow a savings and investment policy

Saving has exhausted people yesterday, but made them happy today. Some may think that saving is a burden that cannot be tolerated over time or committed to it. However, a person who adheres to the savings policy as long as he is a productive person with an income, reaps a greater percentage of wealth compared to someone who does not seek to save.

Saving is the basis of investment and profit, saving is what makes you invest your money properly.

You can also increase savings by creating new and good sources of income as well, by creating a special profit project in addition to the main function, or investing your savings in recognized and well-known projects.

You should also focus your investments on what you know of areas and what is commensurate with your skills, so that the risk is not high and therefore does not achieve the appropriate profit.

Also, if a person wants to invest in the shares of a particular company, he must first ascertain the nature of the company’s work, and the importance of the products and services it provides to society, in order to achieve the desired profit with halal.

One of the biggest challenges that an individual is likely to face during his pursuit of wealth is the expenses that prevent him from saving, the required expenses are inevitable, so he must reduce them in order to make the difference, because an increase in money and income with an increase in expenses does not achieve profit or wealth Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from luxuries until the goal is reached.

Financial advisor Eric Jensen, who said, “Learn to be a diligent saver, an early investor, learning to be a diligent saver and an early adopter because that is the key to being able to live the life you want” may come to mind now.

Don’t waste your time dreaming

In the context of our conversation about the answer to how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal? We find many dreaming only in millions, without seriously striving to achieve them, and therefore they do not end up moving to wealth. Therefore, whoever wants to succeed and achieve wealth should not dream too much, but rather work a lot, to set his sights on a specific goal and dedicate his energies and resources to this goal.

Feeling and appreciating achievements

It is enough for you to work hard to change your reality. Yes, your ultimate goal remains to make millions, but at least some of the simple successes that you have achieved have brought you a kind of financial freedom, well-being, and even financial stability instead of a vicious cycle of poverty and debt.

What is meant here is that there is an important step in the means of how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, which is to be satisfied with any achievement you make as a step forward, because this stimulates the soul to take more steps in pursuit, perhaps your highest goal has not yet been achieved, but you have already taken a successful step to access to it.

Let us emphasize that money and profit as well as saving do not exist overnight. It takes a desire to have patience, bear hardships and challenges, insist on work and determination to achieve, only if you want to become a millionaire from scratch with halal.

Consider that failure in itself is an achievement, and why not, and failure increases your experiences more than success, and it does not make you fall back into the same mistakes, and benefit from them. Your skills as much as failure develops.

Be in love with life

You must acquire certain habits that make you change your usual way of thinking to mimic the thinking style of the rich who have gone through various stages in order to reach their dreams.

Love is the fuel that pushes you forward, so imagine with me if you do not love your work that you are doing, of course you will not make double efforts to develop it, because love is the motivation forward, and it is what pushes you to the steps that will eventually achieve greater wealth for you.

Also, your love for others will make everyone happy with the same happiness you were able to achieve when you reached your goals, so they always support you.

In addition, despair at the beginning of the path to wealth does not make you continue, and love is resistant to despair, generating passion, and renewing enthusiasm.

To complement what we refer to in the answer to how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, you have to feel grateful for everything you have, this is what makes you feel the taste of satisfaction and conviction, and trust that life does not give all of us everything. This is exactly what you should not forget on your way to getting rich.

seize opportunities

The opportunity comes before you for the first time to take advantage of it. If you do not care or do not succeed in seizing it optimally, do not wait for it to come again, as the second time may require a lot of effort from you.

Opportunities are many, so choose what suits you and what you are reassuring that there is no harm or risk, because you do not know the results behind them.

The path of a thousand miles begins with a step, and the fruitful tree that you see in front of you is originally a small seed, so no matter how limited opportunities and initiatives are, do not hesitate or back away from your goals.

It is worth noting here to point out that learning from others and their experiences is an opportunity in itself, so do not think that you are the most intelligent compared to those around you, so do not miss the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of self-made others who have become millionaires from scratch, taking into account the selection. They reached success only by means of what was permitted, not for those who followed the crooked paths to reach wealth and called it success.

Take full responsibility

On your way to riches, do not be passive and do not place any failure on the shoulders of circumstances or others, whoever does this is a coward, so take responsibility for your actions, you are the only one who thought, planned and actually implemented.

However, we do not deny the role of obstacles and bad circumstances, but if you are really successful, you will actually overcome them, and since after reaching your goal, you do not return the reason to the circumstances, but claim that it is of your own doing, so do not also return failure to the circumstances, but you are the one who was exposed to it and did not overcome it, so do not make excuses .

Who does not want to be rich? And because there are many people who want it and are looking for ways that put them on the first path, we have provided you with an answer on how to become a millionaire from scratch with halal, and we hope that a full answer has won your admiration.

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