اذاعة مدرسية عن مدارس بلا عدوى

We present to you, dear reader, through our article today from a school radio encyclopedia about schools without infection. The radio program is one of the important activities that must be done before the start of the school day.

It includes a set of different indispensable paragraphs, namely the Noble Qur’an, the Noble Hadith, wisdom, the morning word, did you know, the local and international news paragraph, the supplication paragraph, and the conclusion of the school radio.

Certainly, radio contributes to stimulating the mind, raising awareness, and knowing new information, and every day a new topic is presented to teachers and students.

Thus, this matter contributes to education and education, and we will devote our talk today to a radio program on the prevention of the Corona virus, avoiding infection between people and some of them inside schools, and the importance of the blessing of health.

You can use it, and later show it on school radio, just follow us.

School radio presenter about schools without infection

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the messengers, our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Praise be to God who guided us to that.

After your morning is bright and full of optimism, hope and work, your morning is happiness, joy and love for what you do, and sustenance and blessing in your life, and I ask God Almighty to grant you success and success during our new school day.

At the outset, I would like to welcome Mr. Principal of the school, the esteemed teacher/………….. Also, I would like to welcome our dear male and female teachers, and dear colleagues and colleagues.

School radio opening

I have the honor to present our new radio program for today, during which we will talk about the importance of having schools without infection; In the interest of everyone’s safety and health, and to prevent the emerging corona virus (Covid-9).

It needs us to join hands and cooperate, and each of us maintains his personal hygiene. During the past period, the country, and the Arab and international countries, witnessed major injuries, and many citizens’ lives were claimed; As a result of the widespread spread of this virus, and the speed of transmission from one person to another.

Hence, countries began to take all preventive and precautionary measures to preserve the lives of citizens, and so far the virus is still surrounding us from everywhere.

However, with billions of losses incurred in all sectors and fields within countries, I began to return again to the practice of normal life, but with great caution and care. Especially with the absence of a vaccine or vaccine so far that works to get rid of this virus.

Hence, let us talk in more detail about the need for strong preparations within schools with the start of the new semester, and the presence of students on a daily basis inside the school, so what are the ways of infection and how to avoid it, this is what we will talk about on school radio.

Health is the most precious blessing that God Almighty bestows on man. It is a crown on the head of the healthy, and it must be preserved and protected from all bad, while staying away from bad habits and avoiding them.

Health is the basis of the human being, and without it, he is helpless and unable to do anything. It is important to thank the Almighty God for this blessing, and the individual should preserve it, and avoid the dangers that may lead him to death.

Hence, let us start our radio program for this day, and the best thing to start our day with is the passage of the Noble Qur’an, and clear verses from the Noble Qur’an that the student recites to us/………. so please

The Holy Qur’an Paragraph

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Alshhr Haram al balshhr valhrmat manslaughter fmn atdy I’m atdy fatdva peace bmsl Ma vatqva valmva God with Allah Eid (9) vanfqva Villa tlqva sake of Allah Allah vahsnva baydykm smart althlkh Dedh almhsnyn (9), vatmva Hajj valmrh Allah von hsrtm mummy astysr villa de alhdy thlqva r’vskm until yblgh alhdy fmn Tejarat also come from patient abirun zy de ras·h ffdyh de sdqh Come Come Ramadan pilgrimages faza mntm fmn Hajj pilgrimage balmrh smart mummy astysr de alhdy fmn Lim yjd fsyam hehehe no vsbh days slash Hajj rjtm Tilak Rivera kamlh zlk seat Prophet pbuh Ghadah Haram mosque attendance vatqva valmva Allah Allah fatal alqab (9). سورة البقرة.

Great truth of God

The hadith paragraph

We now move to the noble hadith paragraph, and words from the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet, which the student / e.

On the authority of Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari, the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said:

“Purity is half of faith, thank God fills the balance, and the Glory of God, thank God, Tmlan-or Tmlo- between the heavens and the earth, prayer light, charity proof, patience Zia, and the Koran argument to you, or you, all people become Fbaya himself Fmatgaha, or Mopgaha” .

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, was right.

Morning word paragraph

And now we come to the morning speech for today, and we will dedicate it to talking about health and its importance and avoiding infection and infection with the Corona virus, and it will be given to us by Dr. /………… he is the health official inside the school, so please be kind.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, my beloved and beloved, at the outset we have to know very well that when infection penetrates the human body, it causes him great damage, and the most difficult thing about it is not seeing it with the naked eye.

There are different types of infections, including viruses, organic bacteria, fungi, parasites or others, and we find that the atmosphere around us is full of different infections, water, air and soil contain viruses, some of which are useful, and others are not.

  • The infection enters the body during daily life, but if the person’s skin is intact, and the membranes lining the nose, mouth, eyes, ears or others are solid and sound, then the person will not be infected with an infection, but he is exposed to it if the person is injured by any wound, or scratch.
  • As for children, they are infected with infectious diseases by entering them through their respiratory system, and from here they are exposed to diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, or other infections transmitted through droplets.
  • There are other types of infections and diseases that people get as a result of neglecting personal hygiene or not washing hands after using various things, including typhoid fever, dysentery, food poisoning, and others.

Corona infection

  • Among the infections around us at the moment is the Corona virus, which is transmitted to individuals through the use of personal items alternately between them.
  • In addition to touching infected surfaces, shaking hands with a sick person, or through droplets and sneezing.
  • Also, the infection can be transmitted by holding the patient’s bed cover, his clothes, and not washing hands.
  • It invades the body without human feeling and symptoms appear within a day.

From here, my loved ones, let’s learn about the ways to combat corona infection

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially during the winter season, which is known to catch the flu or cold.
  • Wearing a mask in closed places and transportation, and while you are on the street.
  • Not shaking hands with others, and wearing gloves during and outside school.
  • Do not put your hands over your nose, eyes, or mouth.
  • Sterilization of hands with alcohol, as well as sterilization of the place where it is located, and the use of paper napkins.
  • Avoid prepared foods from the outside, and prepare healthy food yourself at home.
  • Avoid dealing with a person carrying the virus, as he must be isolated in a place far from those around him, and it is forbidden to deal with him.
  • Eating foods rich in nutrients that are beneficial for the body, vegetables and fruits, all of that will give you a strong immunity.

General tips to avoid corona

  • You must wash and sterilize all the things that you have purchased from abroad.
  • Students do not use their classmates’ school supplies, but only their own.
  • The social distancing plan must be implemented between students and each other, and there should be a safe distance between them.
  • Commitment to follow all preventive and precautionary measures that the school will take throughout the study period.
  • The school should carry out disinfection campaigns throughout and inside the classrooms, while providing a device to measure the temperature of male and female students at the beginning of their entry to the school.
  • If the student feels any of the symptoms of corona, he must report it immediately; To take the necessary measures.
  • The school bag, as well as the water bottle, and the child’s lunch bag must be well sterilized.

Finally, praise be to God for the blessing that God has bestowed upon us, which is health. You must preserve it, and avoid risks or any bad habits that may cause the spread of infection among you.

Preserving yourself will result in preserving those around you, whether they are your family, relatives, friends, or others. We pray to God Almighty to protect us all, and may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Paragraph Did you know

We now move to the Did you know paragraph, and through it we will present a set of various information, as follows:-

  • Did you know that a medium-sized carrot per day provides the body with about four times the amount of vitamin A that an individual needs.
  • Did you know that eating fiber in an amount ranging from to grams contributes to reducing the incidence of a number of diseases, including heart, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and diarrhea.
  • Did you know that blackstrap molasses helps to get rid of a cough quickly, especially when you take it before going to bed.
  • Did you know that a person eats more than normal when he does not take enough hours of sleep during the day.
  • Did you know that chocolate and apples improve your memory?
  • Did you know that adding saffron to food contributes to alleviating your depression? Because it contains the hormone of happiness, which is serotonin.
  • Did you know that cucumber works to lose appetite, digest food, and help eliminate your excess weight?
  • Did you know that eating mango fruit contributes to fighting dry eyes.

wisdom paragraph

Take wisdom from the mouths of the wise, now with the wisdom paragraph, and the student presents it to us………

  • No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy health, so you have to preserve it and protect it from all bad.
  • If you have health, then you have hope for life, and this hope will make you feel, as if you own everything around you.
  • Human health is more important than worldly treasures.
  • Health means harmony and balance between the different forces within your body.
  • Health is more valuable than education.
  • The soul is correct with little talk, and the heart is correct when there are fewer sins and sins. As for the body, its health lies in the lack of food, and the maintenance of personal hygiene.
  • Every patient feels like a doctor when they recover.
  • The joy of a decent life is to enjoy youth and health.

Local and international news section

We will now move to the news section and we will take you on a quick tour to get acquainted with the most important local and international news that happened today, with knowledge of sports news and weather, which the student /………

You can use the daily newspapers and electronic news sites and learn about the most important news that occurred on the same day of the radio program, and then it is presented through it.

prayer paragraph

We now move on to the supplication paragraph, and supplication to the Almighty God, and the student casts it upon us/……..

  • O Allah, grant me health in my body, O Allah, grant me health in my hearing, O Allah, grant me health in my sight, there is no god but You,
  • O Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety, sadness, disability, miserliness and disease, O Allah, I seek refuge in You from poverty and disbelief and from the torment of the grave, or from being assassinated from under me.
  • O Allah, I ask you for forgiveness and wellness in this world and the hereafter, and in my family, and my money.

School radio final

And here we come, my dear friends, to the end of our radio program for this day, which was presented to you by the student/…………. Under the supervision of the virtuous teacher /…………..

I would like to thank you all for listening, and we hope that we have informed you of what my colleagues and I presented today, and we will meet you tomorrow, God willing, with a new radio topic, and another working group.

We leave you now in the protection and care of God, and the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

With this, our article ends, and we presented a school radio program about schools without infection, and ways to combat them.

Certainly, we are happy for your kind follow-up, and we always hope to be at your best thought, as long as you are in the safety of God.


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