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Many upbringing experts and educators search for modern scientific socialization methods, where the parties to social responsibility are intertwined in the upbringing of children and the formation of human thought in general.

To go out to the larger world and find the different people around him to acquire from them morals and the nature of their vision of life, and their behavior, and then he becomes to believe in some ideas and embrace the traditions on which he grew up. In our article via an encyclopedia, follow us.

Modern methods of socialization

It is socialization that is defined as; The process concerned with social systems, as it affects the individual to make him a social person that is easy to integrate into society, and thus he can interact and understand with the rest of the community, whether the family or members of the same community.

It is social upbringing that seeks to control children in terms of behavior, moral and scientific level, and teach them traditions and customs so that they can deal with all types and categories of the society in which they live.

It also defines socialization as the parenting methods implemented by parents in order to correct the behavior of children.

While we can shed light on the methods of socialization through the following lines:

  • Providing family psychological support to children, makes them able to make decisions and are confident in themselves, in addition to making them people who are not tempted by terrorist groups or those with extremist ideas.
  • Supporting the child psychologically makes him a normal person on the psychological level, as love, giving, kindness and support are one of the most prominent methods of socialization that make the child stable and stable in his emotions, as he feels the full support of his family.
  • Feeling the warmth and tenderness of the family members towards the child makes him a good and understanding person with others. He does not feel emotionally deprived or lacking in anything, so he acts in a flexible and understanding manner.
  • Understanding, communication, love and the ability to listen to a child’s talk are among the most important methods of modern socialization that aims to build a conscious person capable of understanding, loving others and being tolerant.
  • Also, the most important methods of upbringing that some neglect is that which depends on the love of religion and the embrace of traditions that are tolerant of others and acceptable to all.

Wrong socialization methods

  • While psychologists and educators all over the world believe that pampering and over-care for children and providing all their demands immediately and without seeking it makes them unable to work.
  • As one of the most prominent forms of wrong social upbringing methods is excessive pampering and protection from parents, which are represented in; Sticking to the child and not wanting to separate him or leave him far from them, pampering and excessive attention, providing all the requests he wants.
  • Excessive fascination with what the child does, which creates arrogance and a feeling that he is better than other children.
  • The hostile behavior that is generated in children is one of the most prominent wrong behaviors that result from the methods of socialization; As the child acquires this behavior as a result of exposure to the continuous witnessing of the hostile actions of the parents towards others, they do not pay attention to their words and actions in front of the children, which makes aggression a principle that children adopt towards other children.
  • Children may be exposed to many psychological problems as a result of the punishments that fall on them, whether by beating, reprimanding, preventing them from the daily expenses, or going out, in what are considered undesirable methods of punishment, and they are not consistent with the ethics of our true religion, which commands us to be kind and forbids us from harshness. God said The Almighty in Surah Al Imran in verse 9: “By God’s mercy, you are gentle with them.

abnormal socialization methods pdf

There are many abnormal socialization methods that affect the child negatively, which we enumerate in the following lines, according to the studies that came in the abnormal socialization methods Pdf, which you can get by clicking on this link.

  • Raising the child not to pay attention to how to obtain his requirements and leave them to the parents, while making the child depend on the parents and rely on them in all his affairs, which makes him a dependent and dependent person who does not want to work or succeed, and also lacks flexibility and is unable to plan for the future and does not generate desire in a sense of success.
  • Parents leaving the child without directing him to pray or study, which makes him a person without identity, religion, family or homeland affiliation, thus creating a negative person.
  • Not listening to the child and hearing his needs and what he wants and desires, is one of the most things that cause serious psychological problems that appear later in his dealings with his family members, friends and teachers.
  • Leaving and neglecting the family to take care of the child on the psychological level and provide material support, and not give him rewards and even say the appropriate praise at the right time by the family.
  • Parents are distracted in their actions and do not understand what they are doing or wanting to happen, making the child a confused person and unable to focus and determine a fixed position for them, and thus he is similarly unable to judge others and their actions.

Methods of socialization in the family pdf

  • The family is the main factor for the social upbringing of the child, as he acquires love and hate from it and learns from it how to forgive and how to forgive, or vice versa, how to get angry and revolt against the simplest things in his life.
  • This makes him angry and fall prey to depression, tension and anxiety, and he does not know how to be patient or despair.
  • Therefore, educators, professors and mothers are looking for research on “methods of socialization in the family pdf”, which contribute to raising awareness of the importance of the, while you, dear reader, can download the best research on methods of socialization in the family pdf.

Factors affecting social upbringing

The factors affecting the upbringing of children are divided into internal and external factors, while in the Internal Factors of Socialization section there are religion, family, economic and social status of the family, and educational level.

While external socialization includes a number of educational institutions, friends and the culture of the community, let us get to know those elements that influence the upbringing of our children.

External factors affecting social upbringing

It includes the external factors affecting social upbringing, such as educational institutions, the media, companions, the status of the political and economic system prevailing in society, and places of worship. We discuss them in detail in the following lines:

socialization institutions

  • The greatest burden of socialization falls on the family and hence the institutions of socialization.
  • While the nursery, school and university are the institutions entrusted with instilling morals in children and the ideas they embrace, as well as monitoring their interaction with friends.
  • The role of places of worship represented in the mosque and the church in building the correct ideas, beliefs and values ​​for children and raising them on love, giving and tolerance, which gives them the ability to accept others and understand other religions in the same society, thus limiting sectarian strife that arise in societies.

Institutions of Socialization PDf

Institutions of socialization are considered one of the most important external factors affecting the socialization of children, with the awareness and educational programs they provide for parents as well as for children, while you, dear reader, can download research studies on institutions of socialization PDf from here, in order to benefit from the information contained in those researches that contribute In the process of socialization which is known in English as socialization.

The media and its role in socialization

  • The media is one of the important tools that contribute to social upbringing if it is valid and aims to reform society and seeks to consolidate values, traditions and morals in the morals of children.
  • While it is considered a destructive weapon in the event that reform mechanisms do not adopt directing public opinion to what distracts society’s thinking and highlighting cultures, customs and traditions that do not agree with our customs and ideally exporting them to children, which results in children who do not belong to the customs of the eastern society, ignoring the just foundations, customs and traditions Which is consistent with the highness and purity of the morals of our true religion.
  • Therefore, the media has a prominent role in achieving the goals of socialization, advancing ideas, enlightening minds, providing solutions and providing the requirements of Arab societies in renaissance and progress by setting a media agenda aimed at reforming society and enlightening minds.

Companionship and its effect on socialization

  • Children are affected by each other, as the ancients said, “Choose the companion before the way.” If it were not for his direct influence on the friend, this saying would not have come to light.
  • As the children imitate each other in words, deeds and narrations, in addition to the way of behavior, they monitor each other and compete in actions in terms of boldness, and deviation from the norm in order to be able to appear among the students, especially at school and university.
  • Therefore, parents and teachers must monitor all children’s behavior, modify and correct them so that the reprehensible morals that have spread in our societies lately do not spread, whether by insulting parents and belittling them by children or teachers, and this is contrary to our religion and our traditions.

Internal factors affecting socialization

There are many internal factors affecting social upbringing, including the family, religion, social class, and the educational level of the family, so let’s get acquainted with the role of each of them in the following:

The family as an influence on socialization

  • The scientist Blaise pointed out that there are some variables that exist in the family that affect socialization; Most notably, the size of the family, in addition to participation, the communication process, and the interrelationship of all these elements with each other.
  • As the smaller the size of the family, the easier it becomes to practice the correct social upbringing in proper ways.
  • It also highlights the role of the family in its adoption of high ideals and the consolidation of general principles and ethics in addition to raising the child on good morals. It also works to establish the principle of effective communication with others through communication and participation with family members during prayer or eating.

Economic and social situation

  • The economic and social level of the family is one of the internal factors affecting the child’s upbringing and behavior.
  • Studies have proven that the financial level of the family affects the child’s personality and interactions.

The gender of the child affects socialization

  • The gender of the child, whether male, is considered to be one of the internal influences that make upbringing differ; The upbringing of the male in eastern societies is different from that of the girl.
  • Where the girl is raised on the idea of ​​qualifying for marriage and raising children, while in return the male is raised to assume the responsibilities of the family, and to delegate him to carry out major tasks that require effort, mind and leadership.
  • We find that these ideas differ from one society to another, and from one time to another in the same society. We find that in our time, the family is paying attention to the need to teach the girl leadership and self-confidence to protect herself in the future.

The type of family relations as an influence on socialization

  • Family relationships determine the psychological state of the child, as he is greatly affected by the relationship he sees between his mother and father, and if stability and understanding prevail, this leads to his psychological calm.
  • Studies have shown that marital happiness between spouses is what leads to family cohesion and thus the proper upbringing of the child.
  • While we must highlight that these factors, whether internal or external, contribute to achieving the desired goal of raising children capable of understanding and interacting with different cultures, as Queen Rania pointed out in a number of press interviews that she raises her children using educational methods, as she teaches them Seeking what they want and how to accept others.

Methods of socialization in Islam

Islam relied on the methods of social upbringing that build up righteous children of good faith and morals, according to what was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet, while educators and parents are looking for the most prominent of these methods, so we review them as follows:

  • As the Holy Qur’an has guided us to the right path by saying, in Surah An-Nahl, in the verse “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good preaching.” Treating children with advice, kindness and kindness is the right way of upbringing.
  • While the presence of a good role model in the lives of children is one of the things that make them acquire good qualities, decent morals, and the passion to reach what the role model has reached. The teacher and the teacher must be a good role model.
  • In addition, the process of socialization is not free of intimidation and carrots, as carrots depend on the son’s love of good morals, traditions and customs. On the other hand, the matter is not right in the case of a child deviating from his path and deviating from the straight path with actions that contradict morals and education, so he needs to be intimidated in this case.
  • Where education and upbringing in Islam depend on the principle of reward and punishment, he is rewarded when he does the right thing and the child is punished if he deviates from the path.
  • Likewise, we find that one of the most prominent methods of social upbringing in Islam is; narration style; What children prefer most is listening to stories that attract the ears and preserve the minds to think, and give him experiences and make him bigger in his perceptions and more able to understand those around him.
  • The narrator must attract the child’s attention with an interesting and attractive story that will make him happy and make him soar in the sky with his thoughts, imagination and feelings.

Through our article, we presented all the methods of modern socialization in Islam and the latest research in a detailed presentation, as they contribute to the upbringing of a new generation capable of facing challenges, which enables you, dear reader, to follow more through the comprehensive Arabic encyclopedia.


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