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Many people love to read a very short story because it is characterized by the presence of lessons, sermons and judgment that benefit the reader, in addition to the fact that it contains short and quick events that do not need a long time to read, as is the case in long novels, as it is a distinctive form of prose literary works that depict one side From the aspects of the life of the hero of the story or reviewing a situation from his life quickly to convey information or an exhortation, and the events are presented quickly and focused without lengthy details that confuse the reader and waste his time.

short story

The short story is a literary prose art in which the writer narrates a set of events that take place between the characters of the story in a specific place and time and can be fictional or realistic. The most beautiful short stories are the ones that include the following elements:

• story characters

Characters are the basic elements that move the events and can be fictional or realistic, and they are two main types that play a key role in moving the events of the story and affect its subject. The second type of personalities are secondary personalities who affect events indirectly and are affected by the main characters.

• Story events

It is the main reason for the story around which the actions of all the characters revolve.

The time of the story

It is the time in which the events take place and determined by the writer.

The location of the story

The location of the events of the story, whether a house, city, or country.

• The plot

It is the knot or the climax of events and the conflict of characters and includes suspense for the reader that escalates for the writer to search for a solution.

• untie the knot

The writer reaches the end of the story, which includes a solution to the knot and an end to the climax of events, and sometimes the writer deliberately leaves the ending open to the reader’s imagination.

very short story

Here is a very short story: One day a man went to the doctor complaining of pain in his stomach, and the doctor asked him: “What did you eat today?” The man said: “I ate

rotten food.” So the doctor put kohl in the man’s eyes, and here the man told the doctor that he was complaining about his stomach and not his eyes.

The doctor said to him, “I treat his eyes so that you can see good food and never eat bad food again.”

The two pigeons and the turtle

The Two Doves and the Turtle is a very short story, the events of which are as follows:

Once upon a time, there were two pigeons who decided to stay away from their home due to lack of water and food, and they had a turtle friend who begged them

to go with them, but they apologized for not being able to move quickly, but as for her pleas and urgency, the two pigeons agreed to

Take the turtle with them.

It was agreed between the two doves and the turtle that they would hold a tree branch and the turtle would put it in their mouth so that the two doves and the turtle would fly, and the turtle would stick to the branch, and the turtle promised them not to open its mouth all the way.

On the way, people marveled at the sight of the two doves flying and the turtle hanging from the branch, and here the turtle spoke and said:

“What is your income and what is your income regarding us friends?”

And here the turtle fell to the ground and broke its ribs and the pain intensified on it to apologize to the two doves crying and saying:

“This is the reward for speaking a lot and not keeping a promise.”

The envious and miser

The Envy and the Scrooge is a very beautiful short story and has wonderful meanings:

One day two men, one miserly and the other envious, stood before the king, who said to them: “Ask anything you want, and I will give the second twice as much as the first.”

The two men did not want either of them to take more than the other, and a quarrel broke out between them so that the king intervened and said to them: “If you do not do what I command you to do, I will cut off your heads.” The envious man said to him: “Lord, take out one of my eyes.”

Gandhi and the shoe

The story of Gandhi and the shoe is a very short story with a lesson and wisdom, and it is as follows:

It is said that Gandhi was running fast to catch the train, which had already begun to move, and while running, one of the trains fell from him.

I put his shoes on, so he took off the second shoe and threw it near the first one, so his companions were surprised and asked him why.

He said: “I wanted the poor person who finds shoes to find the two shoes in order to be able to use them, because he will not benefit if he finds one, and I will not benefit from them either.”

King’s sole

The story of the king’s sole is a very short story that tells the following:

It is said that there was a king who was ruling a large country who went on a long journey and walked a lot for great distances in rugged places until it swollen

his feet, so he issued a decision to cover all the roads and streets in the city with leather, but his special advisor advised him to put a small piece

Only from the leather under the feet of the king, and from this genius idea was born the idea of ​​the sole of the shoe.

Dirham in the desert

A very short story, exemplified by the story of a dirham in the desert, and its events are:

One day, a man was walking in the desert and saw another man digging in the sand, so he asked him why he was doing this, and the man said that he

He had buried some money in the desert and was looking for it, the man replied to him and said that he should have put a mark to distinguish the place, and he said

He said that he did that and the sign was a cloud in the sky, but he can’t find it now, so the two men laughed.

Right and boy

The story of the fool and the boy is also a very short story, and these are its events:

It is said that a foolish man came out of his house carrying his son, who was wearing a red shirt, and walked with him, then forgot him, so he walked and said to everyone he saw:

“Did you see a boy with a red shirt on?” One of them said, “Perhaps this is the boy you carry on your shoulders.” He raised his head, looked at the boy, and said to him angrily, “Did I not tell you not to leave me?”

Advertising and the blind

The story of The Advertisement and The Blind One is a very short story:

One day a blind man sat on the sidewalk of a street, put his hat in front of him, and next to him was a sign that read:

“I am a blind man, please help me.” An advertising man passed the street where the blind man was sitting, and found that his hat contained only

On a little money, he put some money in the hat, then took the plate next to the blind man without asking his permission and wrote another phrase on it, then put it back in its place and left.

The blind man began to notice that the hat was filled with money, so he knew that the reason was what that man had done with his painting, so he asked a passerby what was written on the painting, and it was as follows: “It is spring, but I cannot see his beauty!”

The tale of the eagle

The following anecdote is also a very short story:

There was a female eagle living on the tops of a mountain, and laying her nest on one of the trees, and one day the female eagle laid four eggs, after which a great earthquake shook the mountain violently, and one of the eggs fell from the nest,

Then it rolled down until it came to rest in a chicken coop, and one of the hens took it and cuddled it until it hatched, and a small eagle emerged from it.

The hens raised the eagle chick with their young, and he grew up with them and learned from them.

And he thought all the time that he was a chicken, and one day he was an eagle

The little boy was playing with chicks in the yard, and he saw a group of eagles flying high,

He wished that he could fly like her, but the hens began to mock him, and one of the hens said to him:

“You are a chicken, and you will not be able to fly like eagles,” the little eagle grieved so much,

But he surrendered and forgot his dream of flying in the sky, and soon died after living a long life like a chicken.

The fruits of honesty

The fruits of honesty is a very short story and these are its events:

It is said that a young prince wanted to marry a girl of good morals.

So he ordered the issuance of a royal decree asking every young woman who would like to be his bride to come to the magnificent royal palace tomorrow at eight o’clock in the morning.

The promised day came, and the girls gathered in the palace square, each in their best looks.

The prince stood, greeted them, called them, and told them that he would hold a contest that would crown the one in which a queen would win the throne of his heart.

and that he would give each girl a planting pot in which there was a seed,

He asked each of them to take care of this seed in their own way, and to come back here a month from today,

The girls took their pots and left, all amazed at this strange contest,

And one of these girls was a beautiful girl named Maria, and Maria diligently watered her seed and took care of it, but she never noticed its growth throughout the month, so she decided that she would not go to the palace tomorrow because her seed did not grow, but Aunt Diana convinced her of the need to go, especially since she did everything she could She can make an effort to take care of this seed.

Maria went to the palace with her basin without plants, and she was all ashamed when she saw what the girls were carrying of plants of different shapes and colors in their hands, Maria was about to return home and tears were overwhelmed by her, but the minister who was wandering in the square asked her to go up with him to the platform to meet the prince,

Maria was astonished and went up to the podium with him in confusion. The prince saluted her and said: I have commanded the minister to give each of you a planting tank in which there is a rotten seed, to see what you will do with it.

However, Maria was the only one who was prevented by her honesty from doing so, so she kept the basin as it was, and accordingly the Prince announced Maria’s victory in the competition and asked her to marry him amid the astonishment of all the deceived girls.

ambition trap

A very short story that tells the following:

One day, two fishermen went to catch fish. One of them caught a large fish, put it in his basket and decided to return to his home. The other fisherman asked him:

“where are you going?!” He replied, “I will go home, I have caught a very big fish.” The man replied, “It is better to catch more fish.” His friend asked him, “Why should I do that?” The man replied: Because then you can sell fish in the market.” So his friend asked him:

“Why do I sell fish?” He said:

“In order to get more money,” his friend asked, “Why would I do that?”

The man replied: “Because then you can save it and increase your balance in the bank.” He asked him: “Why did I do that?” The man replied: “In order to become rich.” The friend asked him:

“And what do I do when I get rich?” The man replied:

“Then one day you can enjoy your time with your wife and children.” The wise friend said to him: “And this is exactly what I am doing now, and I do not want to postpone it until I waste my life!”

Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure

The following story is a very short story and it is as follows:

It came in ancient stories that a king wanted to reward one of his citizens, so he said to him:

“Own the land all the spaces that you can cross on your feet.” So the man rejoiced and started walking across the land madly and hurriedly, and walked a long distance and got tired,

So he thought of returning to the king to give him the area of ​​land he had crossed, but he changed his mind, as he felt that he could go a greater distance, and he resolved to continue walking, so he walked long distances,

And he thought of returning to the king, content with the distance he had traveled, but he hesitated again, and decided to continue walking until he got more. The man kept walking for days and nights, and never came back, as it is said that he lost his way and was lost in life, and it is said that he died of exhaustion and fatigue.

He had nothing, and never felt satisfied, for he had lost a precious treasure, which is contentment; Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.

A very short story has been presented in several images and forms to be a source of entertainment and pleasure and at the same time the reader gets lessons from it

And wisdom and sermons, and can be used as tales for young children that they enjoy and know a lot of morals and advice from

that helps them in their lives.


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